Gérard Allon | b.1949 .
Israeli-French Visual Artist.
Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Allon was born in June 1949 in Casablanca and immigrated to Israel from France at age 24. His works were influenced by the French culture and perspective after he captured some critical moments during the events of May 1968. He entered the Israeli photography field after the Yom Kippur war in Israel in 1973 and managed to present his complex perspective as an immigrant in Israeli society in his works. Allon created iconic images of the best Israeli cultural figures and singers during the 70s-90s by establishing a new approach to cultural photography, particularly in fashion, music (record covers), and theater.
His works and technique expanded throughout the years as he takes on himself to represent some of the most sensitive subjects. His documentary film "Naomi's Corset" reveals the story of a family with a child in need, and many of his works deal with social injustices, Judaism, and immigration.
Allon taught in the department of visual communications at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem (1999–2017), as well as at Camera Obscura in Tel Aviv (2000–2001) and at the Holon Institute of Technology ( 2001 – 2002 .)
Nowadays he presents his solo exhibition: “Gérard Allon - A Retrospective” at the Ashdod Museum of Art in Israel. Closing: March 4th, 2023.
Selected Solo Exhibitions and Holographic Projects
1969 (Photography) Le Grand Godet, Lille, France
1970 (Photography) Théâtre du Lambrequin, Lille
1972 (Photography) Théâtre du Lambrequin, Lille
1982 "The Passover Haggadah,” Habima National Theater, Tel Aviv
1983" The Ten Plagues,” Lowe- Levinson Art Gallery, Miami
1984 "Symbol and Metaphor,” Lapa Gallery, Los Angeles “Passover,” Neikrug Gallery, New York
1985 "The Passover Haggadah,” Haifa Museum of Art
1987 "The world’s largest hologram thus far: publicity project for the fashion company Marithé and François Girbaud, Paris
1988 Development of photography booth with automatic holographic camera, American patent US4735474A
1989 Development and design of a new holographic product, Holoposter: U.S. Federal Trademark Registration 73773962 Holographic project for the company Aéroports de Paris
1991 Holographic memorial for the ship Egoz, Chief Rabbinate of Quebec, Montreal
1992 "Bereshit,” Gallery of the Jewish Library, Montreal Holographic display for the province of Saskatchewan, Canada
1993 "Genesis,” holographic- photographic installation, Images du Futur festival,
1993 Montreal', Paradox of the Materialistic Dream,” multimedia installations, Tel Aviv Museum of Art; curator: Meir Yagid-Haimovici
2021 "Clouds from the Holy Land” and video installations, Black-and-White Festival, Jerusalem Theater
Selected Group Exhibitions
1975 "Through the Lens of Immigrant Photographers,” Tzavta, Tel Aviv
1980 (Photography), Artists House, Tel Aviv
1982 (Photography), Acre Festival “The Ten Plagues,” The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curator: Nissan Perez
1983 "Roots,” Tel Aviv Convention Center, Traveling group exhibition, Israel
1986 "Absurd,” Yehuda Meir Gallery, Montreal
1988 "Golem! Danger, Deliverance and Art,” The Jewish Museum, New York
1989 "Made to Order: Commercial Photography in Israel Today,” The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curator: Nissan Perez (catalogue)
1991 (Photography) Gruber Gallery, Montreal
1999 (Photography), The Open Museum of Photography, Tel Hai; curator: Nurit Bat Yaar (catalogue)
2000 "From Mirror to Memory: One Hundred Years of Photography in the Land of Israel ”,Mane Katz Museum, Haifa; curator: Vivienne Silver- Brody (catalogue)
2003 ’“Thou Shalt Make’: The Resurgence of Judaism in Israeli Art,” Time for Art, Tel Aviv: curator: Gideon Ofrat
2007 "Engagement: Israeli Photography Now,” The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curator: Nissan Perez
2011 "Seeing Rock’n’Roll – Visual Dimension of Israeli Rock,” Tel Aviv Artists House, Zaritsky Artists House, Tel Aviv; curators: Irit Levine, Arie Berkowitz (catalogue)
2013 “Displaced Visions: Émigré Photographers of the 20th Century,” The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curator: Nissan Perez (catalogue)
2014 “Preserving Intellectual Memory through Photography,” International Photography Festival, Rishon Le Zion
2015 “Drive-In,” Ashdod Art Museum; curator: Yuval Biton
2018 Group exhibition, Artists House, Tel Aviv; curators: Irit Levine, Arie Berkowitz
Multimedia for the Theater
1976 Kaddish for Naomi Ginsburg, multi-channel multimedia projection; director of the play: Hanan Snir, with the participation of Lea Koenig
2000 Kaddish for Naomi Ginsburg, black-and-white video, Habima; director of the play: Hanan Snir, with the participation of Gila Almagor The Vagina Monologues, color video, Habima; director of the play: Dedi Baron
2001 Marriage, color video, Habima; director of the play: Ilan Ronen
2002 Mami, color video, Habima; director of the play: Hillel Mittelpunkt
2003 Death of a Salesman, black-and-white video, Habima; director of the play: Roni Pinkowicz
2014 Seeds of Silence, black-and-white video, Habima; director of the play: Moshe Kaptan
2018 Ashes and Dust, color video, Einav Center, Tel Aviv, director of the play: Avishai Ben Gal
2019 Lazarus, color video, Einav Center, Tel Aviv: director of the play: Avishai Ben Gal
Films and Video Works
1974 Keshet: A Family Returns, 16 mm. black-and-white film, 26 minutes, Israeli Television
1995 Jerusalem and Its Artists, 16 mm. black-and-white film, 26 minutes, French Television, Channel 5
2007 Kaddish for Naomi Ginsburg, 2007, black-and-white video,
12:21 minutes
2004 Naomi’s Corset, color video, 57:32 minutes, Channel 8; festivals: JFF, FIPA, Visions du Réel, and others
2006 Shards, color video installation, 18 minutes, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2007 Fragments, 1990–2006, color video, 56:06 minutes, festivals: Visions du Réel, Karlovy Vary, and others On War (On the Separation between Words and Images), color video, 8:13 minutes
2007 Mother Courage (On the Vain Attempt to Animate Dead Images), black-and-white video, 0:45 minutes On the Barbie and Ken Syndrome (Denunciation of a Lie Named Photographic Movement), color video, 7:00 minutes
2007 Mami (On Cinematographic Image Deconstruction), color video, 15:42 minutes Hebron (A Videographic Haiku), color video,1:29 minutes
2007 Attack (On the Successive Incarnations of an Image), color video, 1:56 minutes Ruty the Wonderful (Dialogue between a Literary Text and a Film Text), color video,12:06 minutes,
2007 Two Photo-Romans (Toward a New Medieval Image), color video, 1:15 minutes On Pain, color video, 8:06 minutes,
2007 The Walls of Jerusalem (On the interpenetration of Still Images), black-and-white video, 2:50 minutes
2021 Untitled, video installation, 12 minutes; Black-and White Festival, Jerusalem Theater
2021 Black Dress, black-and-white video, 20 minutes; Black-and-White Festival, Jerusalem Theater
2022 Night Diary, color video, 22 minutes; Tsipor project
Biographical Notes
1949 Gérard Allon, born in Casablanca
1963 Immigrates to Paris with his family
1968-1972 Studies comparative literature and linguistics, University of Lille
1970-1972 In-house photographer for Théâtre du Lambrequin, Lille
1972-1973 Assistant director for French film and television productions
1975-1980In-house photographer for the CBS record company, Israel
19751984Photographer for Habima, The Cameri, Khan, and additional theaters
19781980 - Fashion photographer for the magazine Monitin
1982 Recipient of the Gérard Lévy Prize for Photography, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1978 - 9821Fashion photographer for the newspapers Yediot Aharonot and Haaretz
1979 Guest lecturer at the Camera Obscura School, Tel Aviv
1985-1992 Director of research and development and a founder of the company Trilone Inc., specializing in holography, Montreal
1993-1996 Lecturer, Camera Obscura School, Tel Aviv
1997- 2020In-house photographer, Habima National Theater, Tel Aviv
1999–2017 Lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
2004 Special Mention of the Jury, Naomi’s Corset, FIPA festival, Biarritz
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